"I have received 2 offers since my photos and videos were posted...Consult A Drone captured all amenities with clear, concise pictures and videos."

Weichert Realtors

Delivering  Immersive and Personalized Experiences to meet your needs

Our goal is to deliver state of the art technology and services such as:  3D Visualization, Virtual Tours, Precision Marketing, and Aerial Imagery to help tell your story.  We’re innovating across a wide spectrum of industries including:

Agricultural / Land Owners

Public Utility & Inspections

Golf Course Turf Managers

Real Estate Firms

Construction Sites

Design Firms

Some of our Work

Our Services

Real Estate

  • Virtual Interactive Designs
  • Interior and Exterior 3D Modeling / Staging
  • Virtual Reality Solutions
  • Customizable Marketing Packages


  • 3D Course Layout, Mapping and Marketing
  • Clubhouse and Course Virtual Tours
  • Plant Health, Elevation, and Topography Mapping


  • Crop scouting and plant health
  • Develop variable rate prescriptions
  • Estimate Crop yields
  • Topographic Mapping


  • Drone Operation Classes
  • FAA rules and Safety Regulations
  • Environmental Mapping


  • Mitigate Risk Factors
  • Infrastructure Inspections
  • Utilities, Roofing, cell towers, etc.


  • Site Planning and Mapping
  • Monitor and anaylze construction progress,
  • Measure material stockpiles

With new perspectives comes new prospects..

Its all about Immersive Experiences…See how we can help showcase your space in a whole new way, through solutions like:

    • 3D Modeling
    • Virtual Staging
  • Interactive Tours

We’re FAA Certified to Fly!

Undergoing exstensive training and examination for a thorough understanding of:

    • Drone Flight Operations,
    • National Airspace System (NAS),
    • Small UAS,
  • Loading & Performance

What Sets Us Apart?

Being Green…Saving Green

  • All equipment is charged with 100% Solar Energy
  • Our vehicles are 100% electric
  • We will continue to innovate and explore new ways to help minimize our own ecological footprint

Safety First

  • All our drone equipment goes through vigorous testing, is registered and adheres to all FAA guides
  • UAS  Licensed Pilots certified by FAA
  • Standardized pre-check flight routines help ensure safety to you and others around the surrounding environment 

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